6-30-12, Day 18 – Internship

To sum it up in two words – crazy busy!  No time for any pics today:)  Orders were doubled for a lot of cold case items, cookies, etc., so that kept me pretty busy.  We had a good ‘list’ to work from today of product to prep for the upcoming days/week.  Mixed up a 60 qt. batch of blueberry scones, and I loved making the coconut pie filling . . . so good!  Day went by quick and so excited that tomorrow is July 1st!  Hoping this month will go by quickly and then only 3 weeks into August before Dale flies out – yeah!!!

On a different note, not internship related . . . remember Ripley and Diego, the sweet dogs I room with?  I’m helping take care of them tonight and they were so cute:)  They each get their ration of food and before they eat, I ask for their paw (like we’re having a little huddle session) and then I let them know they can eat!  It’s just so darn cute:)  It’s kind of one of those things where you have to be there:)!


6-29-12, Day 17 – Internship

Today was my first day on croissant and danish.  Thank you to the talented pastry chef working with me today!  It’s difficult at times to take pics, as time is limited to get my camera out, and we need to get the product finished and out the door in a timely manner:)  I was able to snap these few pics.  L-R: cinnamon buns, chocolate and almond croissants.  We also made plain, ham & cheese, spinach feta croissants, and blueberry/cream cheese and raspberry streusel danish, sticky buns, ruzzenzopf (European sweet bread swirled with hazelnut praline filling).  I can’t believe how fast the morning went by!  After that it was helping bag cookies for the retail store and then back to getting croissant and danish ready for tomorrow morning again, then working off the ‘list’ of product to prep and store in the walk-in cooler or freezer.  This weekend, I’m taking care of cookies, cold case products and then we work off the ‘list’, as we do everyday.  Lots to remember, so glad I have my handy little notebook and can go over my notes this weekend:)

That’s it for today.  Have a great evening!

6-28-12, Day Off

Didn’t really do too much exciting today.  Went and worked out this morning and then stopped at King Arthur Flour (can’t get enough)!  Actually, I went to buy a couple of things, since I get an employee discount, which is pretty nice:)  I just haven’t had much time after I’m done with work to stop and look, and frankly, I’m too tired after work:)  Stopped at Newt’s Ice Cream and had a vanilla soft serve, which was so good.  You can get an XS size cone, which is really nice.  The small size is even too much for me.  Other than that, going to Skype with Dale tonight and then start paging through my new cookbook tonight!  Another one to add to my collection at home – yeah!  I hear it’s really hot in Madison today . . . 107 with the heat index – ouch!  Be safe everyone and stay hydrated.  Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon with cooler temperatures and hopefully some rain.  Back to work tomorrow!

6-27-12, Day Off

I know those of you in Wisconsin are not going to want to hear this, but it’s cool, damp and rainy here.  I hope the weather we’re having comes your way soon!

Today I stayed fairly close to home base.  I drove into Lebanon, NH and found the best Listen Thrift store (same as our Goodwill stores in Madison).  After that, I drove down the street a bit further and found the Lebanon Cafe and Health Food store.  They had the most amazing artwork before entering the main doors.  The panels looked like that lead came used in stained glass windows and then colored with some type of watering coloring/paints, not sure, but it was beautiful!  After that, I went to the Nugget theatre in Hanover, NH to see Moonrise Kingdom.  It was good, kind of different, let’s just leave it at that:)  I then found a farmer’s market in the open ‘green’, as they call it here in Vermont, by Dartmouth College.  They really had some great vendors, and I was lucky enough to find this awesome scarf  (pic above) for $5.0o!  It was a nice relaxing day:)

6-26-12, Day 16 – Internship

Nope . . . I didn’t pipe this beautiful filigree design on this cake, one of the talented pastry chefs at King Arthur Flour did!  As I mentioned before, I feel so privileged to work with such talented individuals who are all so supportive and know that being an intern, we are continually learning.

So, what did I do today?  Well, I made several containers each of cinnamon bun smear, streusel and sticky bun smear.  I also made marshmallows again!  I got to leave work a little early today, so that was nice, since I have tomorrow and Thursday off.  When I return to work on Friday, I start working with croissant and danish, so excited about that!

Hope all is well with everyone, and I’ll check in with you tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day!


6-25-12, Day 15 – Internship

Today was another great day at the bakery . . . I’m amazed at how many new things I learn each day!  I did the usual prep for the bakery/cafe, weigh out of ingredients for brownies to use in the next upcoming days, tray up for tomorrow.  The ingredients I weighed last week for large batches of granola were baked off this morning – so good!  Oh, and it did really good with the rack oven this morning moving product in and out.

Well, I’m excited for several reasons!  First is, it will be the beginning of July this Sunday, which means my end date for my internship is getting closer, and I finally get to see my hubby and head home to my family!  Dale’s flying in on August 17th, so that day can’t come quick enough:)  The other reasons are, I will be working with the croissant and danish dough hopefully when I return on Friday after my ‘weekend off’, and then switching to the bread side mid-July . . . so can’t wait for that!

Seems like everyday when I go out to get my cup of coffee in the cafe after work, the bakery/cafe area is constantly changing with all the construction going on.  I may take some pics tomorrow, so you can at least see before and after pics.

That’s it for today!  Need to go get my workout in and absorb what I’ve learned today.  Have a great day everyone!

6-24-12, Day 14 – Internship

I get more requests that you want to see pics, but always thinking you get bored with pics of the same products, but I did do something new!  I made biscotti, which is the farthest pic to the right.  Yesterday I mixed up a batch in the 60 qt. mixer and formed the dough into logs, which was quite messy, until I came up with my little invention . . . must get that from my Dad!

I seem to be improving with my finishing work on Napoleon slices (top of far left photo).  They are so good though, puff pastry, layers of pastry cream, fondant icing and drizzled with chocolate glaze.  What can’t you love about these?  It’s definitely an art finishing Napoleons and slicing them the right width, and without too much pastry cream oozing out!  One of the pastry chefs took time to show me a few of his techniques, so that has helped a lot.

I’m hoping I will be working on croissant and danish either this week or next.  Can’t believe how fast this week has gone by already.  That’s it for now . . . have a good night everyone!


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