6-9-12, Day 3 – Internship

If you’re signed up to read my blog, I have to apologize as you’ve probably received two e-mails yesterday and today that I’ve updated my blog.  Seems lately when I’m done typing everything and publish, the pictures I uploaded and some of the text doesn’t upload, so need to type all over again.  Note to self . . . copy and paste into Word before publishing:)

Today was even more busy than yesterday.  I started my morning again my prepping product for the retail bakery.  I got a chance to work the rack oven more, which holds two pan racks at a time, 15 shelves each per pan rack.  Forty seven decorated cakes of all sizes went out the door today, along with lots and lots of cupcake orders, more than yesterday.  Then we also have cupcakes to get ready for retail.  The pic above shows more smore cupcakes, which I made yesterday too, and one my dad with approve of . . . chocolate with chocolate filling, decorated with peanut butter buttercream and finished with chocolate glaze – yum!  The second pic is Napolean Slices, which are three sheets of puff pastry.  In between each layer of puff is pastry cream and finishing the top with icing and chocolate glaze.  The last pic is coconut pies that are finished with a heavy whipped cream and toasted coconut!

Once we’re done getting everything finished for the retail bakery and orders being picked up in the morning, we then begin to work off a running list of what needs to be prepped for the next day.  I did so many things today, but just summarizing what I can so my post doesn’t get to be too long:)  I can definitely tell you that I made batter and then scooped 20 dozen yellow cupcakes and 20 dozen chocolate cups.  I also got an opportunity to help out with shaping pizza dough on the bread side, that was awesome!

I can remember if I mentioned in one of my previous posts, but I will be working the pastry side through mid-July and then switching over to the bread side.  That’s it for now!  Hope you’re all having a great weekend:)


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