6-10-12, Day 4 – Internship

Two more days and I will have completed one full week of my internship!  This first week is a 6-day shift, and then 5-days shifts thereafter:)

I’m getting into the rhythm of early morning prep for the bakery – cafe.  In the first pic (L-R), I’ll start with the front row.  Fruit tarts filled with pastry cream, lemon tarts, chocolate indulgence, tiramisu and whoopie pies.  The second pic is eclairs filled with pastry cream and finished with chocolate glaze, and napoleans which I had I my blog yesterday.  I figured you have all seen enough cupcakes, so I’m not posting anymore pics of those.  Today was not as busy as yesterday, so had the chance to work on prepping product for this week.  I made lemon curd, American chocolate buttercream,, just to mention a few things.

We actually left work today at Noon versus 2:30 pm yesterday, so I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather today!  I hear it’s quite hot and humid in Madison – be sure to stay cool:)  That’s it for today . . . more to write tomorrow!


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