6-17-12, Day 9 – Internship

Today was an awesome day!  Even though we were short one co-worker on the pastry side this morning, it gave me the opportunity to work with other products that I haven’t done before.  One of my co-workers also went through the full process of traying up product for the next day, so that was great to learn.

I had an opportunity this morning to get a few pics in of the pastry cases before the customers starting arriving.  The customer service personnel were still filling up the case on the right, but I wanted to get pics while I had the chance.  I’ll take some pics too of the inside of the store and the cafe, which will start to give you a pretty good sense of the bakery-cafe and the retail side of King Arthur Flour.  I would also like to show you pics inside the bakery on the pastry side, since that is where I am working right now, but I want to get an ok from my supervisor first, to make sure that’s ok.

The best part of my day, is I got to Skype video chat with my hubby, my sister, and my mom and dad this afternoon.  That really made my day, and gave me an extra surge of energy, knowing that the weeks will pass by quickly.  Beautiful and sunny here in Vermont!  I’ll check in tomorrow . . . bye for now:)


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