6-24-12, Day 14 – Internship

I get more requests that you want to see pics, but always thinking you get bored with pics of the same products, but I did do something new!  I made biscotti, which is the farthest pic to the right.  Yesterday I mixed up a batch in the 60 qt. mixer and formed the dough into logs, which was quite messy, until I came up with my little invention . . . must get that from my Dad!

I seem to be improving with my finishing work on Napoleon slices (top of far left photo).  They are so good though, puff pastry, layers of pastry cream, fondant icing and drizzled with chocolate glaze.  What can’t you love about these?  It’s definitely an art finishing Napoleons and slicing them the right width, and without too much pastry cream oozing out!  One of the pastry chefs took time to show me a few of his techniques, so that has helped a lot.

I’m hoping I will be working on croissant and danish either this week or next.  Can’t believe how fast this week has gone by already.  That’s it for now . . . have a good night everyone!



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