6-25-12, Day 15 – Internship

Today was another great day at the bakery . . . I’m amazed at how many new things I learn each day!  I did the usual prep for the bakery/cafe, weigh out of ingredients for brownies to use in the next upcoming days, tray up for tomorrow.  The ingredients I weighed last week for large batches of granola were baked off this morning – so good!  Oh, and it did really good with the rack oven this morning moving product in and out.

Well, I’m excited for several reasons!  First is, it will be the beginning of July this Sunday, which means my end date for my internship is getting closer, and I finally get to see my hubby and head home to my family!  Dale’s flying in on August 17th, so that day can’t come quick enough:)  The other reasons are, I will be working with the croissant and danish dough hopefully when I return on Friday after my ‘weekend off’, and then switching to the bread side mid-July . . . so can’t wait for that!

Seems like everyday when I go out to get my cup of coffee in the cafe after work, the bakery/cafe area is constantly changing with all the construction going on.  I may take some pics tomorrow, so you can at least see before and after pics.

That’s it for today!  Need to go get my workout in and absorb what I’ve learned today.  Have a great day everyone!


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