6-28-12, Day Off

Didn’t really do too much exciting today.  Went and worked out this morning and then stopped at King Arthur Flour (can’t get enough)!  Actually, I went to buy a couple of things, since I get an employee discount, which is pretty nice:)  I just haven’t had much time after I’m done with work to stop and look, and frankly, I’m too tired after work:)  Stopped at Newt’s Ice Cream and had a vanilla soft serve, which was so good.  You can get an XS size cone, which is really nice.  The small size is even too much for me.  Other than that, going to Skype with Dale tonight and then start paging through my new cookbook tonight!  Another one to add to my collection at home – yeah!  I hear it’s really hot in Madison today . . . 107 with the heat index – ouch!  Be safe everyone and stay hydrated.  Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon with cooler temperatures and hopefully some rain.  Back to work tomorrow!


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  1. Melody
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 02:09:49

    I’m so happy you’re learning lots, but also thrilled and a bit jealous of your adventures outside work too! Enjoy the time to explore!!!


    • Pam Barnes
      Jun 30, 2012 @ 22:44:33

      I probably won’t be venturing to far now, other than driving into Hanover and Lebanon. I like hanging in Hanover, as it reminds me of Madison, but only a mini Madison, since a college town. I’m hoping to meet one of my cousins the last week I’m here. She lives about 3 hours from here, so we’re going to meet halfway to have lunch hopefully:) While I do get an opportunity on my days off to go to one of the small towns, I spend many of my evenings rewriting any notes and going over in my head everything new I learned that morning.


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