6-29-12, Day 17 – Internship

Today was my first day on croissant and danish.  Thank you to the talented pastry chef working with me today!  It’s difficult at times to take pics, as time is limited to get my camera out, and we need to get the product finished and out the door in a timely manner:)  I was able to snap these few pics.  L-R: cinnamon buns, chocolate and almond croissants.  We also made plain, ham & cheese, spinach feta croissants, and blueberry/cream cheese and raspberry streusel danish, sticky buns, ruzzenzopf (European sweet bread swirled with hazelnut praline filling).  I can’t believe how fast the morning went by!  After that it was helping bag cookies for the retail store and then back to getting croissant and danish ready for tomorrow morning again, then working off the ‘list’ of product to prep and store in the walk-in cooler or freezer.  This weekend, I’m taking care of cookies, cold case products and then we work off the ‘list’, as we do everyday.  Lots to remember, so glad I have my handy little notebook and can go over my notes this weekend:)

That’s it for today.  Have a great evening!


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