6-30-12, Day 18 – Internship

To sum it up in two words – crazy busy!  No time for any pics today:)  Orders were doubled for a lot of cold case items, cookies, etc., so that kept me pretty busy.  We had a good ‘list’ to work from today of product to prep for the upcoming days/week.  Mixed up a 60 qt. batch of blueberry scones, and I loved making the coconut pie filling . . . so good!  Day went by quick and so excited that tomorrow is July 1st!  Hoping this month will go by quickly and then only 3 weeks into August before Dale flies out – yeah!!!

On a different note, not internship related . . . remember Ripley and Diego, the sweet dogs I room with?  I’m helping take care of them tonight and they were so cute:)  They each get their ration of food and before they eat, I ask for their paw (like we’re having a little huddle session) and then I let them know they can eat!  It’s just so darn cute:)  It’s kind of one of those things where you have to be there:)!


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