7-3-12, Day 21 – Internship

Happy Friday for me!  Have the next two days off and looking forward to some downtime:)  Have a few pics for you, and I kind of giggle when I hear from some of you that want to see more pics of marshmallows:)  Of all products we have, so many of you are intrigued by marshmallows!  First pic is of a special order I did today for a customer, 9-inch fruit tart filled with pastry cream and finished with blueberries, strawberries and glaze.  And the rest of the pics are more marshmallows!  First pic is showing after I’ve cut them, tossing them in confectioner’s sugar, then setting on pans ready for packaging.  The last pic is the final product ready to go out to the retail store!

This morning I made a very large batch of pastry cream.  Let me tell you a little story behind that.  We each have the responsibility to monitor product in the coolers and freezers, so when I had the pastry cream out yesterday, I thought there was another cambro to use from – wrong!  So lesson learned the hard way, as I had to make up a fresh batch this morning to finish off product for the bakery/cafe, special order and rest for back up in our walk-in cooler.  I will never do that again!  I also made more coconut cream filling this morning and did some weigh outs for product to be mixed this week.  When we have a fewer people in the bakery, it’s a bit more difficult to get time on the bench with croissant and danish, but I am learning so much for everyone here:)

That’s it for today!


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  1. Karen
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 14:33:02

    OOOPS, didnt realize my reply would go public. Showing my blogging ignorance. I will stick to FB messaging. : o


  2. Karen
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 14:31:20

    Hi Pam! Been thinking about you. I’ve been enjoying all of your posts and pictures. What an incredible experience. Hope it is cooler there. We are having a heat wave of consecutive days over 95 degrees. Kali comes home from La Crosse today so maybe will spend time in Kims pool. Brooke has been out at Myrtle Beach with a couple of her friends plus her boyfriend and his roomate. Summer is going too fast. Kali and Riley joined Ashvin and myself for rhythm & booms. We watched the fireworks from the balcony of the wisconsin union theatre at the memorial union. Ashvins friend has hosted a party there for last several years. Very nicely catered. Still a little hard for kali the way our family had our tradition of going to fire on the river. It didnt help when they started playing ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney. Hope Dale is doing well. I should get in touch with him soon and get him out of the house. Im sure he’s hard at work with projects. SO happy that you are living your dream! Not enough people have a dream. Looking forward to seeing you when you return. We are in Hayward from Aug 4-11th.


    • Pam Barnes
      Jul 04, 2012 @ 21:21:28

      Hi Karen,

      So nice to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying my blog. Dale said it’s been really hot there, and wouldn’t you know it, the one summer he has to take care of mowing the lawn, that he hasn’t had to mow it but only once a few days after he got back from Vermont! It’s always nice when the kids come home, and it would be the perfect weekend to hang by Kim’s pool! It’s a little hot out here today, but nothing like the hot and humid weather you’re having in Wisconsin! Sounds like you had front row seats for the Rhythm & Booms. I’ve never been to one, and I don’t think Dale and I ever want to deal with all the crowds, no matter how awesome I hear it is. Dale is doing fine, but we both miss each other ALOT!! He had my mom, dad, Kathy and Jenny out today for a 4th of July grill out. Zach had to work, so he gets off at 5 pm. You should call him sometime and meet up at The Grumpy Troll. Not the easiest going after your dream, but I’m sticking with it, as I am absolutely loving what I do. I’m finally starting to get into a routine at King Arthur, but haven’t had as much time working with croissant and danish (laminated dough) as I would like to, but I also understand when they’re short staffed, it’s hard to take time out to train an additional person, especially with laminated dough, as there is alot more involved with the prep and orders that go out. We’ve been up to Hayward before. Isn’t that the annual Larson reunion . . . can’t remember? I’ll for sure be back to Madison the weekend of Aug. 25-26, just in time to celebrate my 51st birthday – whooohoooo!!! Well, better end for now. Happy 4th!


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