7-4-12, Day Off – Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!  It’s actually been pretty quiet here.  I hear that they have banned fireworks, including sparklers, most place in and around Madison.  I guess there will be a fireworks display tonight just down the road across the river, so I should be able to see them right from the back porch where I’m renting.  Going to join in on a barbeque tonight with the landlords and a couple of their friends, so that will be nice.  I went to Newts Soft Serve up the road, and dangerous that it’s right up the road, as I have one soft serve a week, but it’s an extra small, so I don’t feel too guilty, actually I don’t feel guilty at all!

I drove into Hanover this morning, but didn’t stay too long there.  Drove into West Leb and did some window shopping in the stores that were open today.  That’s really about it.  Just back at home base now catching up on a few things.  Tomorrow I it’s a workout in the morning, then stopping in at King Arthur to make a couple of purchases, grocery shopping and then enjoying the farmer’s market in Lebanon – supposed to be a really nice one.

Boy, do I miss our central air at home.  Seems like not many people here have central air, so getting by ok with the fan, although, it’s about 10 degrees warmer upstairs than downstairs.  Well that’s for now.  Stay safe everyone with the heat and I’ll check in tomorrow.


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