7-11-12 Day Off, Hanging out in Hanover

Hi Everyone!  Beautiful weather today and decided to spend most of my day in Hanover, NH.  Pics L-R: Farmers Market ‘on the green’which is surrounded by Dartmouth campus; Dartmouth campus administrative building; The Hanover Inn; looking down the street from The Hanover Inn; 3 Guys Basement BBQ; Morano Gelato; Nugget Theatre, books I bought from Left Bank Banks; bridge between Norwich, VT and Hanover, NH.  So I decided the first thing I wanted to do was take in a movie at the Nugget Theatre.  It’s a really small theatre with only four movies playing, but very nice and clean.  I decided to see Savages, which I really enjoyed.  After the movie, I went to the farmers market ‘on the green’ and was hoping to buy another scarf, but the vendor wasn’t there today:(  I’ll try next Wednesday.  Since I was so bummed, I purchased a 1/2 pint of fresh raspberries, which made their way into my tummy – the whole 1/2 pint!  Still craving sugar, other than the wonderful sweet raspberries, I tried to hold back from visiting Morano Gelato, but I just couldn’t any longer, so I had the blueberry sorbet and the banana sorbet – yum!  I’m waiting to try 3 Guys Basement BBQ when Dale arrives in Vermont next month.  Pulled pork, from scratch buttermilk biscuits . . . can’t wait to try some!    Before I started heading back to my car, I have never stopped in at Left Bank Books, which is an independent 2nd hand bookstore.  So glad I stopped in, as I made quite the find today!  I purchased The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart which retails for $35 and I got it for $11.95!  And, I also found Professional Baking, 2nd Edition by Wayne Gisslen which retails for $48.95 and I got it for $14.95!  Even better yet . . . the salesclerk said that on Wednesdays, they take an additional 20% of any purchases!  Awesome . . . so I got both for $20.17!

That’s it for today!  Will write more tomorrow:)


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