7-15-12, Day 29 – Internship

Hi Everyone!  Had a great day in the bakery today.  My danish turned out really good this morning, and it’s a good feeling to see my techniques slowly develop, as they will continue to over the years.  No time for pics . . . to busy, but hopefully on one of my days off this week, I can stop by and take some pictures.  Eventually I will get my technique down, and my efficiency:)  Doesn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure!

You know what I realized today . . . I have not been to the little town of Norwich, Vermont!  There is a Dan & Witt’s store there, http://danandwhits.com/index.html, which I’m told I need to see.  And there is the Norwich Bookstore, http://www.norwichbookstore.com/, and a really neat bakery/cafe/restaurant, http://allechantevt.com/!!  I think I’ll be spending some in Norwich on my days off this week, as well as stopping by my favorite farmer’s market in Hanover too:)

Just talked to my mom and sister this afternoon and there just seems to be no break in the weather for you back home:(  Hoping that you will see rain soon!  I’ll check back in tomorrow.


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