7-20-12, Day 32 – Internship

Whoa . . . . where did the morning go!  First day of breads went good and so much to learn:)  It’s been a bit since school, so need to get into the swing of shaping and getting a feel for the dough.  I shaped baguettes, batards, boules, challah and even got to shape some rounds of pizza dough!  I love working on the bread side, the feel of the dough, the smell of the dough before and after its baked.  I’m so drawn to the complexity and yet simplicity of combining flour, water, yeast and salt, and you have this beautiful piece of artwork that you formed with your hands.  It’s amazing!  Okay, so I’m in love with bread:)

There really isn’t much time to get pictures as you’re either busy shaping, prepping ingredients for pizzas and cleaning.  I was able to get a picture out by the bakery/cafe.  I’ll have to get more pictures next week on one of my days off, as you wouldn’t believe how much things have changed since yesterday!

On a non-bakery note . . . can you believe I got summoned for jury duty again on August 13th!  I was able to go on-line yesterday to request a postponement and I received an e-mail today that it was granted – yeah!  So now my new date is September 4th – I can deal with that, just want to finish out my internship successfully:)  I never seem to win anything, but my name sure gets drawn alot for jury duty.  This is the fourth time now that I will have served.  Oh well, happy and honored to do my part!

I just reviewed comments on my blog, and I have received 110 comments – that’s awesome!  So glad you are enjoying my blog:)  It’s so much fun to read your comments, and thank you for reading my posts!

Well, that’s it for today.  Going to mix up some flour and water to form a somewhat glutenous practice dough and practice shaping.  I know I’ll get plenty of practice at work, but those of you that know me so well, why not practice some more!

Have a good rest of your day everyone!


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