7-22-12, Day 34 – Internship

Today was a good day on the bread side!  Getting more of a feel for the different doughs, so that helps a lot when it comes to shaping.  This morning we shaped at least 220 baguettes, and then shaping all the other breads too.  Can’t tell you exactly how many pieces we shaped, but it’s a lot:)

Sundays are my down day for relaxing and doing some work on my final report for school.  Also looking forward to watching some bread videos.  I’m excited to post more pictures this Wednesday when I visit the Red Hen Baking Company and Shelburne Farms.  I’ll also stop by King Arthur on Thursday to get some updated photos of the bakery/cafe – it’s pretty awesome!

Have a good rest of your day everyone and I’ll check in tomorrow:)


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