7-26-12, Day 38 – Day Off

Today has been a pretty quiet day and that’s okay by me after the long day I had yesterday:)  I did get a workout in this morning and them came back to the house to practice braiding 4 strand challah.  It’s different from how we braided 4 strand in school, so had to completely learn the new way.  I think I finally got a handle on it . . . we’ll see, as tomorrow we braid challah!

It’s actually kind of cool here, almost feels like fall, and I know back home you really don’t want to hear that.  I did see on Facebook that you got some more rain, so that’s good:)  Not really too much else happening today.  Just reviewing some notes I made from bread last week.  I’ve only been on that side a week, so it’s hard to remember some of the things, but I know it will all make sense in a few weeks, and then it will be time for me to head back home – yeah!  I’m ready to go home now!  But, I’ll keep focused on my internship, knowing that there are only four more days left of July and then the real countdown begins as of August 1st and can’t wait until August 17th when I pick Dale up at the airport:)

Have a good night everyone and a good Friday tomorrow, which is the beginning of my work week, and another day closer to coming home:)


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