7-28-12, Day 40 – Internship

This morning we shaped some 320 baguettes, and that’s not including all the other breads we shaped, in addition to pizza dough!  I still and probably will not master the art of throwing the pizza dough up in the air.  That’s just a disaster waiting to happen:)

Only 3 more days to go before we turn the calendar to August – whoohooo!  I will be so glad to get home, but at the same time, will miss everyone at KA, as this has been the best experience for an internship.  Everyone that I work with lets me take the time to focus on my techniques and guiding continuously offering suggestions and encouragement.

It’s raining here, and hopefully we’ll get more of that back home.  Kind of tired, so going to keep this post short for tonight.  Have a good evening everyone!


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