8-7-12, Day 50 – Internship

Today was a really good day on the bread side.  I had the opportunity to do more of the beginning prep work with the dough in the morning, so that helped a bit to understand how many kilos of dough get weighed out and what steps to go to next.  At least I’m starting to remember things, like batards are separated in 20 straps and then the rest shaped into batards.  Just things like these you don’t know right away and it takes time.

The most awesome thing about today was, one of the bakers asked if I had worked the oven yet on the bread side and I have not.  It was really great of her to take the time out of her busy schedule yesterday and I got to load the pizzas into the 5 deck oven and unload with the hug peel with this super long handle.  Really have to be careful when unloading, always looking behind you to be sure you don’t accidentally jab someone.

The next two Tuesdays, I’m going in at 3:15 am to mix bread dough, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet.  The same baker that let me work the ovens, offered up the opportunity to come in earlier to mix dough, and I jumped at the opportunity!  The second of the two Tuesdays will be my last day there, so what a great way to end my internship!

Only 9 days now until Dale arrives out here . . . so excited!!


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