8-15-12, Day 58 – Day Off

AUGUST 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21!  Two more days!  Can’t wait to see you, Dale.

Well I will say at least I’ve been productive this morning, unlike Sam the lazy cat!  He didn’t come home last night, so he had to say outside all night!  Now he’s exhausted:)

Enjoying my day off so far.  Finished my final paper project and got that e-mailed off to my instructor.  Now it’s just finishing the last 5 days of my internship!  Started packing the suitcase with items I don’t need now, and then heading into West Leb to pick up a few grocery items for the next few days.

On another note . . . when Dale and I begin our journey home next week, we have one last bakery to stop at.  Actually, this bakery was included in my last report before school ended and it was about bakery trends and how many bakeries are now working with local farmers and millers.  I included several bakeries, but one of them that really intrigued me, was Great Harvest Bread Company.  Great Harvest Bread Company was founded in the 1970’s by Peter and Laura Wakeman, who were a couple of college kids who baked amazing bread.  For a franchise, I am just so impressed how long they have been in business, their community involvement, and they use pure and simple ingredients and wheat purchased from local farmers.  The rest is history, which you can read more about at http://www.greatharvest.com/company/history.html.

Jon Rasmussen, owner of the Delafield Great Harvest Bread Company, has been kind enough to allow us to stop by on Saturday, August 25th for a tour of his bakery. If you would like to know more about Great Harvest Bread Company in Delafield, visit Jon’s website at http://greatharvestdelafield.com/about-our-bread.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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