8-16-12, Day 59 – Day Off

You’re probably wondering, ‘why are those strands of rope attached to a chip clip’?  Well, when I was in school, my supportive husband came up with this idea to help me with my braiding technique, and it has been a tremendous help!  I thought I had better bring it with me to Vermont in case we braid Challah, and sure enough, we do on Fridays!  We only braid a 4-strand Challah at King Arthur.  The 4-strand Challah we did in school, is done differently at King Arthur, so I’m glad I had this to practice on.

Well, my day got off to a good start this morning, but lazy Sam couldn’t decide if he was ready for the day yet:)  At least his eyes are open!

I decided to make my first stop at King Arthur to price out a few pans, flavorings, etc. that I want to purchase before Dale and I leave next Wednesday morning – yipee!!!  While sipping on my Chai Latte, I took a few pictures of the bakery/cafe.  They’re still tweaking the order process, the layout of pastries, breads, etc., but as always, the customer service is always excellent!  As I made my way into the retail area to view all the ‘I want’ items, and only ‘what I can afford’, a sweet bread demonstration was ready to begin.  I decided to observe for a bit, and before I knew it, there were about 15 other people observing too!  I took a few pictures of the Raspberry Mock Braid that the chef was assembling from the sweet dough.  She divided the dough into 3 equal pieces; one for a raspberry braid, another for a 6-strand Challah, and I didn’t stay for the last one, so I can’t tell you what that one was formed into.  They already had a Raspberry Mock Braid baked off and we got to sample that – delicious!

I was going to go into work again early next Tuesday at 3:15 am to observe mixing, but decided with it being my last day, and our 29th anniversary the day before (August 20th), I would like to have a nice dinner with my husband, whom I haven’t seen in 3 months!

Well, that’s pretty much it for today!  I’m so excited for Dale’s arrival tomorrow, but I also need to remind myself to stay focused 100% on my work tomorrow.  Can’t wait!!!!!!


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