8-17-12 and 8-18-12, Day 60 and 61 – Internship

Friday, August 17th

Well Friday had to be the most exciting day for me these past few months for a few reasons!  The first being that Dale arrived safe and sound and his flight was right on time:)  We went out to eat that night at 3 Guys Basement BBQ in Hanover, which was excellent.  Our waitress as the sweetest person and asked if she would like us to take a picture, since we weren’t doing a very good job of trying to take it ourselves!  The second exciting thing, is I got to score lots of baguettes today and one of the bakers who is such a nice gentleman and has been such a good mentor to me on the bread side, decided that the ‘ears’ on this baguette were pretty nice, so he took a picture of me in front of the ovens on the bread side.  Lastly, Dale ran into my very good friend Kelly Landes at the Madison airport – how weird was that, and she had this beautiful mood ring for me that she was carrying with her.  She is such a kind and sweet person, and I just love the ring!  I’ve been wearing it every opportunity I can when I’m not in the bakery.  Thanks, Kelly!

Saturday, August 18th

This morning I got to score batards and the picture above shows a pretty nice ‘ear’ on this one I took home:)  We mixed 500 kilos of dough today, shaping 1,533 units of bread and the pastry side had 1,283 units of pastries.  Alone with baguettes, we shaped approximately 340 of them.  The morning sure went by quick and only tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday left and I’m done!  My co-workers asked if I would like to go out to lunch after work on Monday, August 20th, so Dale and I are both going and it will be nice to visit everyone.  Then Dale and I are going out later that evening to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary!

I had better end for now, as it’s been a long day and I’m tired and Dale is already sleeping:)  Have a good evening everyone, and I’ll check back in tomorrow.


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  1. Gloria
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 22:57:16

    Pretty nice ears on those baquettes,enjoyed the pics and so nice to see you two little “love birds” together enjoying yourselves, its been a long time for both of you as well as your family.


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