8-19-12 and 8-20-12, Day 62 and 63 – Internship

Sunday, August 19th

Hello Everyone!  As you can tell, now that Dale is out there, I’m now combining a couple days at a time.  Dale has been awesome throughout this entire internship and my main support person.  Since he arrived on Friday, he has been up at 3 am with me in the mornings, drives me to work and picks me back up at the end of my day!  I worked the oven loader again this morning, as well as scoring lots and lots of baguettes!  There is nothing more rewarding than pulling freshly baked bread from the ovens that consists of very simple ingredients.

Monday, August 20th

Today marks our 29th wedding anniversary!  When we arrived at King Arthur this morning, Dale gave me a beautiful card and my favorite, Dove chocolates.  I worked the oven load again this morning, transferring baguettes onto it and scoring them.  We finished up about an hour early and had thought we would drive to Lime, NH to eat lunch at Stellas, but like many restaurants around here, several of them don’t open until dinner.  So we opted for Molly’s in Hanover and had a very nice lunch.

Tomorrow also marks the last day of my internship, and we need to be up at 2:30 am, as I’m going into work to do some mixing.  My co-workers are having lunch catered in tomorrow at Noon, so it will be nice that Dale and I can sit down with everyone and enjoy their company.  After that, it’s coming back to the house to finish packing to get ready for our drive back to Wisconsin!  We’re heading out Wednesday morning and will be back to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin later Saturday afternoon.  I know we’re both looking forward to some down time for the remainder of the weekend, and the next day, Sunday, August 26th, marks my 51st birthday.  Guess what I’m doing?  RELAXING!  Going to enjoy a nice quiet day starting the morning with a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, watching TV and just enjoying being home!

I will be taking quite a few pictures of both sides of the bakery tomorrow and will include them tomorrow in my last and final post for this blog.  After that, I’m enjoying the days of driving back with Dale and catching some beautiful sites along the way in Canada, Michigan and making a final stop at Great Harvest Bread Company in Milwaukee.

Have a good evening everyone!


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