9-6-12 Pastries and Bread by Pam Barnes (photos not yet complete)


8-21-12, Day 64 – LAST DAY OF INTERNSHIP . . . I DID IT!!!!!

Well, so many mixed emotions today.  I didn’t think this day would ever come, and now it’s here already!  I will miss all my co-workers at King Arthur and yet, happy to get home to my family:)  I mentioned yesterday that I would get pictures, but I didn’t have time.  I worked up until we got ready for lunch, knowing I had put in a good day’s work:)

You should have seen the wonderful luncheon the bakery had for me.  The cafe made hamburgers, caesar salad, these awesome roasted potatoes and one of the co-workers drove into Hanover to pick up gelato for dessert!  They also gave me a gift card to spend at King Arthur!  I was fine until I got to the card where they each wrote a little something and that’s when the tears started rolling.  I’ve started to get to know everyone, and here I am leaving, but again, so happy to be going home to my family.  Thank  you again to my wonderful hubby, Dale.  I could have not done this without his support!

I never knew that when I made the decision two years ago to leave my job at the bank, that here I would be almost two years later, graduated from Baking & Pastry Arts school, and completing my 3-month summer internship at King Arthur Flour.  The baking profession is one of the most mentally and physically demanding careers I have had, and yet the most rewarding!  I now look forward to what the future has to offer me, and will let things happen as they may.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me every step of the way, encouraging me with your comments and just knowing you took the time out of your busy lives to follow me on the next journey in my life.  So as I end this blog with just a few parting words.  “The path to happiness has no end, it is HERE and NOW!  Be yourself and be happy, and never stop dreaming”!

Happy Baking!


8-19-12 and 8-20-12, Day 62 and 63 – Internship

Sunday, August 19th

Hello Everyone!  As you can tell, now that Dale is out there, I’m now combining a couple days at a time.  Dale has been awesome throughout this entire internship and my main support person.  Since he arrived on Friday, he has been up at 3 am with me in the mornings, drives me to work and picks me back up at the end of my day!  I worked the oven loader again this morning, as well as scoring lots and lots of baguettes!  There is nothing more rewarding than pulling freshly baked bread from the ovens that consists of very simple ingredients.

Monday, August 20th

Today marks our 29th wedding anniversary!  When we arrived at King Arthur this morning, Dale gave me a beautiful card and my favorite, Dove chocolates.  I worked the oven load again this morning, transferring baguettes onto it and scoring them.  We finished up about an hour early and had thought we would drive to Lime, NH to eat lunch at Stellas, but like many restaurants around here, several of them don’t open until dinner.  So we opted for Molly’s in Hanover and had a very nice lunch.

Tomorrow also marks the last day of my internship, and we need to be up at 2:30 am, as I’m going into work to do some mixing.  My co-workers are having lunch catered in tomorrow at Noon, so it will be nice that Dale and I can sit down with everyone and enjoy their company.  After that, it’s coming back to the house to finish packing to get ready for our drive back to Wisconsin!  We’re heading out Wednesday morning and will be back to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin later Saturday afternoon.  I know we’re both looking forward to some down time for the remainder of the weekend, and the next day, Sunday, August 26th, marks my 51st birthday.  Guess what I’m doing?  RELAXING!  Going to enjoy a nice quiet day starting the morning with a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, watching TV and just enjoying being home!

I will be taking quite a few pictures of both sides of the bakery tomorrow and will include them tomorrow in my last and final post for this blog.  After that, I’m enjoying the days of driving back with Dale and catching some beautiful sites along the way in Canada, Michigan and making a final stop at Great Harvest Bread Company in Milwaukee.

Have a good evening everyone!

8-17-12 and 8-18-12, Day 60 and 61 – Internship

Friday, August 17th

Well Friday had to be the most exciting day for me these past few months for a few reasons!  The first being that Dale arrived safe and sound and his flight was right on time:)  We went out to eat that night at 3 Guys Basement BBQ in Hanover, which was excellent.  Our waitress as the sweetest person and asked if she would like us to take a picture, since we weren’t doing a very good job of trying to take it ourselves!  The second exciting thing, is I got to score lots of baguettes today and one of the bakers who is such a nice gentleman and has been such a good mentor to me on the bread side, decided that the ‘ears’ on this baguette were pretty nice, so he took a picture of me in front of the ovens on the bread side.  Lastly, Dale ran into my very good friend Kelly Landes at the Madison airport – how weird was that, and she had this beautiful mood ring for me that she was carrying with her.  She is such a kind and sweet person, and I just love the ring!  I’ve been wearing it every opportunity I can when I’m not in the bakery.  Thanks, Kelly!

Saturday, August 18th

This morning I got to score batards and the picture above shows a pretty nice ‘ear’ on this one I took home:)  We mixed 500 kilos of dough today, shaping 1,533 units of bread and the pastry side had 1,283 units of pastries.  Alone with baguettes, we shaped approximately 340 of them.  The morning sure went by quick and only tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday left and I’m done!  My co-workers asked if I would like to go out to lunch after work on Monday, August 20th, so Dale and I are both going and it will be nice to visit everyone.  Then Dale and I are going out later that evening to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary!

I had better end for now, as it’s been a long day and I’m tired and Dale is already sleeping:)  Have a good evening everyone, and I’ll check back in tomorrow.

8-16-12, Day 59 – Day Off

You’re probably wondering, ‘why are those strands of rope attached to a chip clip’?  Well, when I was in school, my supportive husband came up with this idea to help me with my braiding technique, and it has been a tremendous help!  I thought I had better bring it with me to Vermont in case we braid Challah, and sure enough, we do on Fridays!  We only braid a 4-strand Challah at King Arthur.  The 4-strand Challah we did in school, is done differently at King Arthur, so I’m glad I had this to practice on.

Well, my day got off to a good start this morning, but lazy Sam couldn’t decide if he was ready for the day yet:)  At least his eyes are open!

I decided to make my first stop at King Arthur to price out a few pans, flavorings, etc. that I want to purchase before Dale and I leave next Wednesday morning – yipee!!!  While sipping on my Chai Latte, I took a few pictures of the bakery/cafe.  They’re still tweaking the order process, the layout of pastries, breads, etc., but as always, the customer service is always excellent!  As I made my way into the retail area to view all the ‘I want’ items, and only ‘what I can afford’, a sweet bread demonstration was ready to begin.  I decided to observe for a bit, and before I knew it, there were about 15 other people observing too!  I took a few pictures of the Raspberry Mock Braid that the chef was assembling from the sweet dough.  She divided the dough into 3 equal pieces; one for a raspberry braid, another for a 6-strand Challah, and I didn’t stay for the last one, so I can’t tell you what that one was formed into.  They already had a Raspberry Mock Braid baked off and we got to sample that – delicious!

I was going to go into work again early next Tuesday at 3:15 am to observe mixing, but decided with it being my last day, and our 29th anniversary the day before (August 20th), I would like to have a nice dinner with my husband, whom I haven’t seen in 3 months!

Well, that’s pretty much it for today!  I’m so excited for Dale’s arrival tomorrow, but I also need to remind myself to stay focused 100% on my work tomorrow.  Can’t wait!!!!!!

8-15-12, Day 58 – Day Off

AUGUST 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21!  Two more days!  Can’t wait to see you, Dale.

Well I will say at least I’ve been productive this morning, unlike Sam the lazy cat!  He didn’t come home last night, so he had to say outside all night!  Now he’s exhausted:)

Enjoying my day off so far.  Finished my final paper project and got that e-mailed off to my instructor.  Now it’s just finishing the last 5 days of my internship!  Started packing the suitcase with items I don’t need now, and then heading into West Leb to pick up a few grocery items for the next few days.

On another note . . . when Dale and I begin our journey home next week, we have one last bakery to stop at.  Actually, this bakery was included in my last report before school ended and it was about bakery trends and how many bakeries are now working with local farmers and millers.  I included several bakeries, but one of them that really intrigued me, was Great Harvest Bread Company.  Great Harvest Bread Company was founded in the 1970’s by Peter and Laura Wakeman, who were a couple of college kids who baked amazing bread.  For a franchise, I am just so impressed how long they have been in business, their community involvement, and they use pure and simple ingredients and wheat purchased from local farmers.  The rest is history, which you can read more about at http://www.greatharvest.com/company/history.html.

Jon Rasmussen, owner of the Delafield Great Harvest Bread Company, has been kind enough to allow us to stop by on Saturday, August 25th for a tour of his bakery. If you would like to know more about Great Harvest Bread Company in Delafield, visit Jon’s website at http://greatharvestdelafield.com/about-our-bread.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


8-14-12, Day 57 – Internship

AUGUST 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21!  Only three more days to go before I see Dale!

Today is my Friday, so looking forward to the next two days off.  It actually went pretty well on the bread side, and today marks the end of week four on the bread side, with one more week to go and I’m done!  Can’t come soon enough:)  I will say that throughout my internship, the training that I have received from the Master Pastry Chef has impacted my baking internship the most!  He is very thorough, and not only teaches you about the pastries you’re making, but adds in a bit of history, as well as why certain things are done this or that way with the pastries.  It was easy to absorb and do what is needed on a daily basis when you have this kind of mentoring.  His patience and kind demeanor, make it easier for an intern to learn.

My main objective on the bread side was to work on my shaping techniques, and this was one of my three objectives of my bakery internship, but I have a long ways to go with developing great shaping skills.  It certainly won’t happen in five weeks!  One of the bakers on the bread side said I have come a long way and my shaping has improved a lot.  When you shape some 1,200 baguettes on a weekly basis, you get lots of time on the bench shaping!  Then you get more experience shaping all the other breads.

Got home this afternoon and had a couple hours of down time and then a surge of energy again, so I started and finished cleaning not only my bedroom and bathroom, but the entire house!  Scrubbed the floors by hand, vacuumed, dusted, organized and the house smells wonderful!

I’m tired, so it’s time to call it a day.  I’ll check back in tomorrow:)  Have a good evening!

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